A downloadable game for Windows

You just woke up one morning and you are on an island! Hmm weird... Get off it! Good thing nobody is here with you on this weird island.............

*Controls: *

* A-D: Sidle

* W-S: Look up and down

* Left and Right arrows: Turn

* Up and Down arrows: Walk

* Space: Action button

* V: Fly (only godMode)

* Left Mouse Button: Click

* Left Shift: Toggle weapons

* E: Open inventory


* Survive: Survive

* godMode: !!!


* 1: Get all your items to 50+!

* 2: Get 1000+ points

* 3: Get off the island


* GamingDudester (Me)

* Malevolent the dragon (For barely anything)

* Kevin macleod (He made the song)

* You (For reading the description and/or Playing the game)

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe


Not dead yet.zip 23 MB

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